Kids Weighted Blanket

The most important thing about Kids weighted blankets is health and safety. YIXI TEXTILE uses environmentally friendly fabrics. 100% cotton printed fabric using environmentally friendly printing technology. Meet baby safety requirements. Kids weighted blankets are certified by OEKO. All raw materials have passed safety inspections.
The quilted needle distance of our weighted blanket: 2mm. The glass beads can be firmly locked in each square lattice. Avoid leakage and displacement of glass beads. The glass beads of the weighted blanket are still evenly distributed after prolonged use.
The best-selling fabric for Kids weighted blankets is 100% cotton printed fabric. We have more than 100 kinds of printing designs to choose from. And new printing designs will be added every month. 10*10cm quilted grid is a better choice. The range of glass beads movement is smaller.
We are good at providing brand customization services for weighted blankets. Including customized LOGO labels, color cards, packaging bags, etc.