Plush Sherpa Fabric Weighted Blanket

Plush Sherpa fabric weighted blanket, a new product on the market, the fusion of plush + Sherpa fabric makes it softer and more comfortable, skin-friendly and delicate, more warm, suitable for winter

  • Fabric:Plush+Sherpa
  • Delivery Time:About 15 days
  • Packaging Bag:Non-woven packaging bag
  • MOQ:



Plush Sherpa Fabric Weighted Blanket
Fabric  Pluch+Sherpa
Color  Grey
Size  36'*48' / 41'*60' / 48'*72' / 60'*80' / 80'*87' / Custom.
Weight  5lbs / 7lbs / 10lbs / 12lbs / 15lbs / 20lbs / 25lbs / 30lbs / Custom.
Structure  7 layer.
Quilting size  8*8cm / 10*10cm / 12*12cm / 15*15cm / Custom.
Logo  Logo label, washing label, color card, packaging Logo.
Packaging  Non-woven packaging / PE packaging / gift box packaging / custom packaging.












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YIXI TEXTILE is a professional manufacturer of healthy sleep products. Our weighted blankets are delivered to more than 20 countries around the world.

There is a professional R & D team to continuously update the manufacturing technology. Solve the problem of weighted blanket leaking glass beads and uneven weight distribution. And follow the market situation and constantly develop new products to bring new ideas to customers' business.

Professional quality control team. From raw materials to finished products, strictly inspect every link of product production. Ensure that each product is qualified before delivery.

We want to create more value for our customers.




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