What are the benefits of brand customization of weighted blankets?
1. Professional brand customization can make your weighted blanket more easily accepted by customers.
2. Can better demonstrate the company's strength.
3. Through the brand can expand the influence of the product. Accumulate fans.
4. Get rid of low-price competition and increase product profits.
5. At the same time as product sales are successful, brand awareness is increased.

What brand customizations can be made with weighted blankets?
1. Customize LOGO label.
We offer two high-quality label options, printed labels and textile labels. Recommend the most suitable LOGO label scheme according to your brand LOGO.

2. Customized color cards.
Customized thank you cards with rich content. On the card, you can add brand stories, product instructions, customer thank you content, etc. Establish a brand image.

3. Customized LOGO packaging.
We follow up the purchase quantity of each order and recommend a suitable packaging solution. Non-woven packaging bags, gift box packaging, canvas packaging, etc. If it is a small order, we can print LOGO on the non-woven bag. If the purchase quantity is large, we can customize the color gift box. The LOGO can be customized on the gift box. LOGO can also be customized on the shipping carton.

Are you interested in customized brands of weighted blankets? Please contact us.

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