Custom Cotton Weighted Blanket Wholesale

YIXI TEXTILE is a supplier of weighted blankets in China. Provide customized wholesale of weighted blankets. The weighted blanket has OEKO-TEX certification.

  • Fabric:100% cotton
  • Delivery Time:7-15 days
  • Packaging Bag:Nonwoven packaging bags
  • MOQ:50 pieces


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Cotton Weighted Blanket Wholesale | Custom Manufacturer
Size 36*48inch / 41*60inch / 48*72inch / 60*80inch /80*87inch.
Weight 5lbs / 7lbs / 10lbs / 12lbs / 15lbs / 20lbs / 25lbs /30lbs.
Color  Grey / Blue / White / Custom.





Weighted Blanket Manufacturer & Supplier In China

Custom Weighted Blanket


Different Fabric For Weighted Blanket

  • 100% cotton fabric: Good air permeability, available in all seasons, and moderate price.
  • Minky quilted fabric: Soft, thick, good warmth, suitable for autumn and winter.
  • Bamboo fabric: Cool feeling fabric, good air permeability, suitable for summer, high-end fabric. Suitable for high-end product market.
  • Organic cotton fabric: Good air permeability, natural and organic. healthier.
  • Bamboo + Minky dot fabric: Suitable for different seasons. Bamboo is suitable for summer use. Minky dot is suitable for use in autumn and winter. 1 cover is suitable for different seasons.
  • Minky+Minky dot fabric:  Soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic. The price is cheaper than 100% cotton fabric. Suitable for use in autumn and winter. The best price/performance ratio.
  • 100% cotton printed fabric: Good air permeability, environmentally friendly printing, healthy and non-fading. Many printing designs can be chosen. Suitable for kids.
  • Sherpa fabric: Thickest. The warmth is the best. fair price. Suitable for cold winter. New fabrics are more popular.


Weighted Blanket Manufacturer & Supplier In China

            Sewing thread is neat and tidy and high quality                                       High quality zipper

Weighted Blanket Manufacturer & Supplier In China
YIXI TEXTILE is a professional supplier of weighted blankets. The production process of weighted blankets is top in the industry. 2-3mm stitch length for quilting. The glass beads can be firmly locked in each grid. After long-term use, the glass beads are still evenly distributed in the weighted blanket.

Weighted Blanket Manufacturer & Supplier In China
Our weighted blankets use OEKO-TEX certified glass beads. Size: 0.8-1mm, uniform size, no impurities. Healthier and safer.


Custom Brand

Custom Weighted Blanket Cover LOGO

Custom Packaging

Custom Weighted Blanket Cover Packaging Bag





1. What is MOQ?
RE: Our MOQ: 50 pieces.

2. Can I customize my own LOGO?
RE: We can provide you with professional customized LOGO solutions.

3. Can I choose the color?
RE: We have a lot of colors to choose from, please contact us to get the color card.

4. What is the delivery time?
RE: The lead time for our regular products is 10-15 days. If it is a customized product, please contact us.

5. Can samples be provided?
RE: We can provide samples according to your requirements.

6. What transportation methods are available?
RE: We can provide express, air, rail, and sea transportation. Can be delivered to the door (DDP).


If you contact us by E-mail. We can send you new Catalog, Color Swatches, Quotations, Samples.

[email protected]

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