Down Duvet Inserts

Down duvet manufacturer from China

  • Fabric:100% cotton
  • Delivery Time:10 days
  • Packaging Bag:PE bag
  • MOQ:50 pieces


Wholesale Down Duvet & China Manufacturer

Fabric: 100% cotton.
Filling: Polyester/Down/Feather.
MOQ: 50pcs.
Packing bag: PE bag.


Down Duvet Insert Regular Size:

  • 68*90 inches
  • 76*90 inches
  • 90*90 inches
  • 104*90 inches


YIXI TEXTILE provides you with different filling options.

  • Polyester
  • Duck down
  • Goose down
  • Feathers


Down Duvet Fabric

Down Duvet uses high latitude and longitude fabrics. This prevents the down from leaking out.


Down Duvet's Sewing Thread
Sewing Down Duvet uses a smaller stitch gauge. This can better lock down down. Prevent down from leaking out. safer.

YIXI TEXTILE provides you with high-quality healthy sleep Down Duvet. Provide different product solutions according to different market positioning. Only in this way can we achieve sales success.

For fabric and filling we use high quality certified materials. Meet human health requirements.

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