Breathable Silicone Rubber Pillow

Silicon rubber + memory foam pillow core. It is breathable and can be washed.

  • Fabric:Mesh (polyester)
  • Filling:Silicone Rubber + Memory Foam
  • Packaging:PE bag
  • MOQ:200 pieces


Breathable Silicone Rubber Pillow Specification

  • Pillowcase: Birdseye mesh
  • Filling: silicone rubber + polyurethane
  • Packing: Rolled into PE bags.
  • MOQ: 200pcs.


Breathable Silicone Rubber Pillow Features:

  • Irregular pores, good air permeability.
  • Washable and healthier.
  • The density is moderate, providing proper support for the neck.
  • The new environmentally friendly material has a stable structure and does not age and deform.

The pillowcase uses a more breathable bird's eye mesh. Breathable, cool feeling. More suitable for summer.


Breathable Silicone Rubber Pillow Size

  • 60*40*8/10cm
  • 60*40*8/6cm
  • 60*40*10/12cm

MOQ for each size: 200pcs.


Adjustable Down Insert Pillow Custom LOGO

                                  LOGO label                                                             Embroidered LOGO


Breathable Silicone Rubber Pillow Packaging

Pillows are routinely rolled into round shapes and packed into PE bags.
Customized tote bag, MOQ: 200 pieces.
Customized color gift box, MOQ: 500 pieces.

                   PE bag (free)                      Non-woven bag (MOQ: 200 pieces)             Gift box (MOQ: 500 pieces)


Payment and Delivery

Breathable Silicone Rubber Pillow FAQ

1. What is the MOQ?
RE: MOQ: 200pcs.

2. What sizes are available?
RE: Regular size 40*60cm and 40*70cm.

3. Can the packaging bag be customized?
RE: Regular packaging bags are OPP bags. We can customize the handbag and gift box for you.

4. Can the LOGO be customized?
RE: We can customize LOGO labels, wash labels, insert cards, embroidered LOGO, etc.

5. Are samples available?
RE: We can provide you with samples. Please contact us to pick up samples.

6. What trade terms are accepted?
RE: Accept EXW, FOB, DDU, DDP, etc.

7. What are the payment methods?
RE: Our payment method can be negotiated. Please contact us.


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