Memory Foam Pillow

We have a professional memory foam production line. After technological innovation. The memory foam products we now produce have no peculiar smell. When the package is opened, there is no peculiar smell. And no powder is added during the production process of memory foam. The density is 50D.
We mainly have sleeping pillows, knee pillows, baby flat headrests, car headrests, car backrests, memory foam cushions, etc.
Pillowcases are available in rich fabrics. Air layer, knitted cotton, ice silk, bamboo, mesh and other fabrics.
Brand customization. LOGO label, embroidery is a good choice. Color cards, brand packaging bags and gift boxes can also be customized.
Healthy sleep comes from every detail of life. We do our best in every detail of the sleep environment. YIXI TEXTILE is an expert in healthy sleep products by your side.