Renewable material are produced from recycled plastic bottles. The biggest feature is low carbon and environmental protection.

The recycled plastic bottles are turned into textile materials after various sorting, high-temperature sterilization, material sorting, high-temperature cleaning, crushing, thread drawing, spinning, dyeing and weaving and other procedures.

Reusing every ton of waste mineral water bottles can reduce 6 tons of oil consumption and 3.2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 200 trees in one year.


Several Steps To Transform Plastic Bottles Into Recycled Polyester Fibers

(1) Cleaning

First wash, the purpose is to separate the bottle body from the bottle cap; then soak with caustic soda, the purpose is to let the label stuck on the plastic sheet fall off. After two times of cleaning, the plastic sheet becomes very white and clean, which can meet the requirements of subsequent fiber production.

(2) Crush

Recyclable plastic bottles are collected and crushed and transported to the processing plant. The workers will separate the transparent plastic and the colored plastic, and then a plastic crushing production line will be used for crushing.

Shredding is one of the essential steps in the process of "turning" plastic into textiles. There are various plastic bottles of different sizes, which need to be broken into small pieces of a certain size before further recycling.

(3) Heating and melting, drawing

When spinning, the moisture of the plastic sheet is fully dried first, and then it is melted at 270°C, extruded by a screw extruder and cooled into filaments (generally including short fibers and filaments).

The staple fiber can enter the weaving process after spinning / filament deformation and other processing. Weaving methods are generally divided into two types: weaving and knitting.

(4) Dyeing and shaping

After dyeing, finishing, molding and other processes, the fabric becomes a soft-touch fabric that can be used for clothing and items needed for life.

Through "deep cleaning" under conditions such as high temperature and vacuum, recycled PET plastic has been able to achieve a cleanliness level sufficient to produce food packaging. Now, discarded beverage bottles can be recycled into new beverage bottles again, which can be said to achieve "recycling".

The filling of YIXI TEXTILE's knitted weighted blanket has started using renewable materials made from GRS certified plastic bottle recycling. more friendly to the environment. Support the environmental protection policies of various countries. Also uses OEKO-TEX certified fabrics.

The production technology of knitted weighted blankets is more mature and there are many different production techniques to meet different needs.

We have strict quality control team. In 2021, the product qualification rate is 99.5%.

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