Weighted Blanket

YIXI TEXTILE is a professional manufacturer of weighted blankets. Our current production process uses quilted needle distance: 2mm. The glass can be firmly locked in the grid. The glass beads will not leak out. After long-term use, the glass beads are still evenly distributed in each grid of the weighted blanket.
Our weighted blanket has passed OEKO-TEX certification. It is more recognized by customers in terms of health and safety. Can increase the competitiveness of your products.

Our advantage:
1. Abundant healthy new fabrics can be selected.
2. Customized service for small orders.
3. Professional brand customization service. Including customized LOGO labels, color cards, packaging bags, etc.
4. Low MOQ and fast delivery.
5. Provide product HD pictures and videos for free.
6. 2-year quality guarantee for weighted blankets.
7. 24 hours online service. Provide you with quick response and quote.
8. Overall marketing plan for weighted blankets.

YIXI TEXTILE has been working hard on healthy sleep products. Hope to create a healthy environment for people's sleep through the new fabric. We value the quality of our products and pay more attention to the fact that our customers can make more profits. Healthy sleep products are a good choice.