Bed Linen Sheet Duvet Cover

High quality 100% linen fabric bed sheet duvet cover set wholesale. There are more colors to choose from. Custom LOGO labels, packaging bags.

  • Fabric:100% linen
  • Delivery Time:7-15 days
  • Packaging Bag:PVC bag
  • MOQ:50 pieces

Wholesale Bed Linen Sheets For Hotels & Linen Duvet Cover Factory
Size Twin / Queen / King / Custom
Fabric  100% Linen




What Are The Advantages Of Linen Fabric Bedding set?

1. Cooling.
The heat dissipation performance of Linen is 5 times that of wool and 19 times that of silk. In hot weather conditions, the bedding set using linen fabric can make the surface temperature of human skin 3-4 degrees Celsius lower than that of the bedding set using silk and cotton fabrics;
2. Dry and dry.
Linen cloth can absorb water equivalent to 20% of its own weight, and at the same time, it can quickly release the absorbed water. No matter how much sweat, it can keep dry;
3. Reduce perspiration.
Helps maintain the body's electrolyte balance. Studies have shown that linen fabrics can reduce human body perspiration by 1.5 times compared with cotton fabrics;

4. Radiation protection.
The use of bedding set of linen fabric can greatly reduce the effects of radiation, such as the decrease in the number of male sperm caused by radiation;

5. Anti-static.
Only 10% flax in the blended fabric is enough to prevent static electricity. It can effectively alleviate people's restlessness, headache, chest tightness, and difficulty breathing in a static electricity environment;

6. Inhibit bacteria.
Linen fabric has a good effect of inhibiting bacteria and fungi, and can effectively prevent some diseases. According to research conducted by Japanese researchers, linen sheets can prevent bedsores in bedridden patients for a long time, and linen clothing can help prevent and treat certain skins, such as ordinary rashes and chronic eczema;
7. Anti-allergic.
For people with skin allergies, the bedding set of linen fabric is undoubtedly a boon, because linen fabric not only does not cause allergic reactions, but helps to treat some allergic diseases. Flax can reduce inflammation and prevent fever.


Our Advantage

Our duvet cover set has passed OEKO-TEX certification. Meet the health requirements of Europe, North America, Australia and other regions.

More product free combinations:

  • Pillowcase
  • Duvet cover
  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet


More Color


Custom Brand

  1. Logo label
  2. Insert card
  3. Paper hang tag
  4. Embroidered logo
  5. LOGO printed on the bag


Standard Packaging

The regular packaging bag for linen bed sheet duvet cover set is PVC bag. Can be customized to insert the card into the bag.

Custom Packaging

  1. PVC+ non-woven bag (MOQ: 200 pieces)
  2. Storage bag (MOQ: 200 pieces)
  3. Gift box (MOQ: 500 pieces)

              PVC+Non-woven bag                                              Storage Bag                                                    Gift Box


Packaging Process



Delivery Time


5 days

50-100 pieces

7-15 days

101-500 pieces

15-20 days

501-1000 pieces

20-25 days

More than 1000 pieces

45 days



1. What is MOQ?
RE: Our MOQ: 50 pieces.

2. Can I custom my own LOGO?
RE: We can provide you with professional custom LOGO solutions.

3. Can I choose the color?
RE: We have a lot of colors to choose from, please contact us to get the color card.

4. What is the delivery time?
RE: The lead time for our regular products is 10-15 days. If it is a customized product, please contact us.

5. Can samples be provided?
RE: We can provide samples according to your requirements.

6. What transportation methods are available?
RE: We can provide express, air, rail, and sea transportation. Can be delivered to the door (DDP).

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