New Yarn Knitted Weighted Blanket

Wholesale new yarn knitted weighted blanket. Machine preparation, neater and more confidential. Custom LOGO labels, insert cards, packaging bags.

  • Fabric:Yarn (cotton/polyester)
  • Delivery Time:15 days
  • Packaging Bag:PE vacuum bag
  • MOQ:50 pieces


YIXI TEXTILE is a professional chunky chenille throw blanket manufacturer. Entirely handcrafted. Chunky chenille throw blanket are firmer. The blanket does not loosen after prolonged use.

Cotton fabrics use OEKO-TEX certified fabrics. Meet human health requirements.


Custom Wholesale Yarn Weighted Blanket Knit

Fabric  Yarn (cotton/polyester).
Weight  7lbs,10lbs,12lbs,15lbs,20lbs.
Packaging  Roll PE bag, vacuum PE bag.
MOQ  50 pieces.
Delivery Time  15 days.
Payment  T/T,L/C,D/P,D/A.






Fabric: Yarn (Cotton/Polyester)
Filling: None.
Features: Latest knitted weighted blanket craftsmanship.


General Specifications

  • 36*48 inch,7lbs
  • 41*60 inch,10lbs
  • 48*72 inch,12lbs
  • 60*80 inch,15lbs
  • 60*80 inch,20lbs


More Color

Chunky chenille throw blanket are available in many colors. Make your chunky chenille throw blanket look even better. MOQ: 50pcs/color.

Packaging Solutions

Production Process


1. What is MOQ?
RE: Our MOQ: 50 pieces.

2. Can I customize my own LOGO?
RE: We can provide you with professional customized LOGO solutions.

3. Can I choose the color?
RE: We have a lot of colors to choose from, please contact us to get the color card.

4. What is the delivery time?
RE: The lead time for our regular products is 10-15 days. If it is a customized product, please contact us.

5. Can samples be provided?
RE: We can provide samples according to your requirements.

6. What transportation methods are available?
RE: We can provide express, air, rail, and sea transportation. Can be delivered to the door (DDP).

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