If you haven't heard of it, weighted blankets are the newest and most comfortable way to fall asleep and stay asleep. The blanket is scientifically designed to relieve anxiety by regulating the level of the stress hormone cortisol, while releasing oxytocin and serotonin to make you feel happier and more relaxed. Once you try one, you can't help but wonder how you sleep (or cope with your anxiety) without it.

Weighted blankets are the latest fashion item on most travelers' must-have lists. This coverage not only promises better sleep, but also promotes anxiety-reducing effects for the user.

I am often asked this question, so let's answer it right away. Can you use weighted blankets on air travel?

The answer is yes. But it also faces some challenges. We will explain these challenges, discard our best recommendations for weighted blankets, and end with a detailed weighted blanket buyer's guide.

What is a travel weighted blanket?

As the name suggests, the difference between weighted blankets and ordinary sheets is that they are filled with synthetic particles, beads or discs. These fillers put a little pressure on the users and give them a gentle hug.

Weighted blankets are made of different soft-touch materials, such as cotton. Adult blankets usually weigh between 10 and 30 pounds. Children's varieties of these blankets are usually lighter in weight, but parents are advised not to use them on babies.

The most popular weighted blanket loved by travelers usually fits the individual's size. The bed sheet is designed to exert gentle and even pressure on the user's body and provide them with a comfortable close-fitting feeling. Some weighted blankets are not one-piece; they have different components that are removable and washable.


Travel Weighted Blanket

Wouldn't it be great if there is a weighted blanket that is compact enough to carry around and still provide all the benefits you are looking for? After several twists and turns, we found a travel weighted blanket

Enough travel is hard enough. And for many people, it's anxiety-ridden. Many of us like to close our eyes, put on headphones, immerse ourselves in our world, and block out all the nonsense. Weighted blankets are ideal. It forms a cocoon around its sleepers, promoting deeper and more fulfilling rest.

Sounds perfect, right? Then you need a weighted travel blanket!

Are any weighted blankets unsuitable for travel?

Although they are heavy, most weighted blankets are designed to be throwable, about 48 x 72 inches. They are great in bed because the focus is on isolating and enclosing a single sleeper. But there are too many blankets in the narrow seats in the engine room or train carriage. Any part of it that does not cover you can crawl into your neighbor’s space or (worse) fall to the dirty floor.

And, as mentioned above, most of us already carry too many things on airplanes or trains. It is too much to add a 10 or 12 pound blanket to our load.

So we insist on using smaller size weighted blankets in this list. Many are designed for travel, but here is a hot tip: smaller, lighter children’s blankets are the perfect size for travel. And they weigh less than 10 pounds-this is another travel benefit. But they are large enough to cover your torso and/or legs and provide you with an isolated cocoon-this is what the light sleeper needs, and what travelers desire. Just make sure to choose your color carefully, or you may have SpongeBob on your blanket.

Weighting Comforts

The Travel Size Weighted Blanket (formerly known as "Lap Pad") is perfect for anyone who is struggling with anxiety at work, school, on an airplane, or any type of travel. Just place it on your knees or chest, and it can help you calm down under stressful situations. Or just help you relax. This 5-pound blanket (26”x 21”) is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable.

Temperature considerations

It is also important to remember that these blankets are heavy and can become very hot when used. If you are already lying in bed and feel warm or hot because of your body temperature and the material of the mattress, a weighted blanket will only increase the temperature rise. Therefore, in these cases, you may need to look for a blanket that has a natural fiber cover and is designed to absorb moisture.


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