Bamboo fabric

It is a new type of fabric made of bamboo fiber by using bamboo as raw material through special process and weaving. It has the characteristics of smooth, soft and warm, antibacterial and antibacterial, moisture absorption and ventilation, green environmental protection, anti-ultraviolet rays, natural health care, comfort and beauty. Experts point out that bamboo fiber is a truly natural and environmentally friendly green fiber.

1. Antibacterial and antibacterial function

The same amount of bacteria is observed under a microscope. The bacteria can multiply in cotton and wood fiber products, and the bacteria on bamboo fiber products are killed by about 75% after 24 hours.

2. Deodorization adsorption function

The special ultra-fine pore structure inside the bamboo fiber makes it have strong adsorption capacity, can absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other in the air, and eliminate bad odor. 3. Moisture absorption and drainage function, the cross-section of bamboo fiber is unevenly deformed, covered with nearly elliptical pores, it is highly hollow, and has a strong capillary effect, which can absorb and evaporate moisture in an instant

4. Super anti-ultraviolet function

The UV penetration of cotton is 25%, and the UV penetration of bamboo fiber is less than 0.6%. Its UV resistance is 41.7 times that of cotton.

5. Super health care function

Bamboo is rich in trace elements such as pectin, bamboo honey, tyrosine, vitamin E, SE, GE and other anti-cancer and anti-aging functions.

6. Comfortable and beautiful function

The unit of bamboo fiber is fine, whiteness is good, the color is elegant after dyeing, bright and true, not easy to fade, luster is bright, plump and scratchy, elegant and elegant, drape, has a natural and simple elegant texture.

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