The benefits of baby pillows

Although babies can lie in a crib completely safely and comfortably without any additional items, many companies are promoting pillows for young babies and newborns. It is often said that they help prevent "flat head" syndrome in babies and are used in cribs and cribs.


What is flat head syndrome?

Flat head syndrome most often occurs when the baby lies on his back for a long time. This is most common in babies because their skulls are still forming and are very soft and flexible.

Since the implementation of safe sleep exercises (putting babies on their backs during sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS), flat head syndrome has become a concern for more parents.

Although it usually resolves on its own, the pediatrician recommends lying on your stomach when the baby is lying on his back and turning the baby's head regularly.

Lying on your back for a long time is the most common cause of flat head syndrome in infants.


but there are other causes:

* Skull shape still in the womb: This happens when there is no large amount of amniotic fluid to cushion the head while still in the mother's belly. This usually resolves itself.


* Premature birth: Due to the short time to complete development, the head of a premature baby is usually oddly shaped.


* Muscle problems: Problems such as torticollis can cause neck stiffness and limited mobility.


* Craniosynostosis premature closure: This is when the baby's skull is formed prematurely. This may require surgical intervention, so if you suspect it, please consult your pediatrician.


What should you do if you are worried about flat head syndrome?

Flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly) can be caused by babies lying on their backs. Over time, their heads may flatten on one side.

However, flat heads in infants are more often caused by infant torticollis or neck muscle tension. When babies cannot control the neck muscles well, it may cause them to tilt their heads to one side or look in one direction when lying down. This may cause some asymmetry in the baby's head.


Therefore, you will need the following pillows to prevent or correct your baby’s flat head.


1.bamboo memory foam baby pillow


If you are looking for a high-quality pillow with multiple choices, this protective pillow is a good choice. It is made of bamboo fiber and hypoallergenic filler to ensure safety and comfort for sensitive skin, and the outer fabric is breathable.

Babebay Baby Head Shaping Pillow is a great choice for parents looking for true comfort for their babies. Not to mention, it also comes with a super cute pillowcase.

This headrest is recommended by Baike for babies with flat heads, stiff necks, sweating, and breastfeeding. Therefore, this can be used as a multi-purpose pillow.

The removable pillowcase is machine washable. Remember, memory foam cannot be washed, so make sure that this pillow has a protective cover so that it can last longer.

If you really need to clean the memory foam, it is recommended that you wipe it clean with a damp cloth and let it air dry when you are done.

The size of this pillow is best for babies from 0 to 12 months old.

2.Velvet heart-shaped baby pillow


If you are looking for a cute and simple design, then this baby pillow is perfect for you. It has a heart shape and is available in five colors

This pillow is made of soft and breathable fabric. It is very light and an excellent travel pillow.

We all know that babies are dirty, so you will be happy to hear that this pillow can be machine washed. Listen to singing angels from heaven.

Due to its size, it best fits the shape of the newborn's skull. As your baby grows up, if you are still worried, you may need to upgrade to a different size pillow.

3.Round Cake Baby Memory Foam Pillow


100% cotton pillowcase. Breathable.wicking perspiration, no fiuorescent adent.Anti-slip particles.At the bottom of the pillow.

Pillow core uses the latest technology memory foam.Non-toxic,tasteless and healthier.Let baby grow in healthy sleep.


Advantages of baby pillows

It allows the baby to sleep comfortably, can disperse the pressure on the body, and is very suitable for the baby. In particular, it can improve sleep, protect the cervical spine and have a very good effect to prevent flat head.

The memory pillow is a pillow made of slow-resilient materials. The reason why it is called a memory pillow is not because the pillow has the function of enhancing people’s memory, but because the pillows that are often used form the inherent shape of the human head and neck. , Gu got its name from this.

Memory pillows are popular because they can absorb impact, memory deformation, reduce the possibility of stiff neck, anti-bacterial, anti-full, breathable and moisture-absorbing.


Treatment and preventive measures for flat head syndrome

In any case, you can take a variety of measures to combat flat head syndrome. Whether they are sleeping, traveling or enjoying play time, you can be sure that your baby will not stay in one position for a long time.

During sleep
When babies are sleeping, you should always lie on their backs to help prevent SIDS. Flat head syndrome is a problem, but you can combat it by alternating the sides of the crib while lying down.

If possible, you can also move the light source to different areas of the bedroom, because babies are usually attracted to light. When they sleep, pay attention to moving their heads to different positions to relieve the flat side.

In the game
When your baby is playing, try to let them play on their stomachs. This not only helps to strengthen various muscles, but also prevents plagiocephaly.

Of course, some babies just don't like lying on their stomachs, and we can't keep them on their stomachs forever. In this case, you can change the position of their head so that they don't lean to one side for too long.

To learn more about how to treat flat head syndrome at home, watch this video from the Stanford Children’s Health Center.


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