Therapedic Cooling Weighted Blanket


Many people have troubles. What about patients with therapedic insomnia and anxiety using weighted blankets in the summer? Can I still use weighted blankets?

The answer is yes. Weighted blankets are functional blankets. Mainly not designed to keep warm. So the weighted blanket is not warm. And now there are many cool fabrics suitable for summer. Bamboo, Tencel, 100% cotton, etc. Among them, bamboo fabric is the most suitable.

Bamboo fabrics are pure natural fabrics. Extracted from bamboo fiber. It has good air permeability, can inhibit the production of bacteria, and can resist radiation. There is a feeling of coldness when touching the skin in summer. The weighted blanket made of bamboo fabric will not be sultry to use. Will bring a cool feeling.

Special care should also be taken when buying bamboo fabrics. There are many bamboo fabrics that do not meet the inspection requirements. If unqualified bamboo fabric weighted blankets are used, there will be problems such as pilling and thread removal after a period of use. Greatly shortened the service life of weighted blankets.

The fabric used by YIXI TEXTILE's bamboo cool weighted blanket is 300TC, 60s100% bamboo fabric. Long-term use will not fluff. We always insist on high quality.

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