How to use weighted blankets in summer?

The weighted blanket is a functional product. It has a good effect on relieving anxiety, insomnia, autism and depression.

The filling of weighted blankets is generally not too thick. Does not have warmth retention. So it is suitable for four seasons.

We generally recommend using weighted blankets with covers of different fabrics. This can facilitate cleaning. It can also be a weighted blanket suitable for different seasons. In summer, it can be used with cool fabric covers such as bamboo and Tencel. Good air permeability, more suitable for summer use. Minky, Minky quilting, Sherpa fabric cover can be used in autumn and winter. Softer and warmer.

So in summer, we can use 100% cotton, Tencel, and bamboo fabric for the cover with a weighted blanket. This way you won't feel the heat.


Characteristics of bamboo fabric:

1. Good air permeability.
2. Effectively inhibit the production of bacteria.
3. 100% natural healthy fabric.
4. Anti-radiation.
5. Absorb moisture.

Bamboo fabric is a very popular healthy fabric now. It is a very good choice to make weighted blanket covers, pillowcases, and sheets.

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