Weighted blanket and removable cover

Weighted blanket

Fabric: Polyester.
Structure: 5 layers.
15*15cm quilting.


Fabric: Minky quilting


1. Such a combination can increase the selling price. The selling price is higher than the weighted blanket alone. Profits are better.
2. The weighted blanket fabric uses polyester fabric, which can reduce the cost of the product. Increase sales profit.
3. The weighted blanket can be used to move the quilt cover, only need to clean the quilt cover. It is easier to clean and increase the service life of the weighted blanket.
4. Minky quilted fabric is soft and warm. More suitable for winter use.

Choosing the most suitable product plan for your target market can make your sales more successful. Achieve better profits. Weighted blankets are worth selling in autumn and winter. Don't miss this season.


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