Custom Weighted Blanket Cover

YIXI TEXTILE is a professional supplier of weighted blankets. Provide custom weighted blanket covers of different fabrics. 100% cotton, bamboo, Minky.

  • Fabric:Bamboo / Cotton / Minky
  • Delivery Time:About 15 days
  • Packaging Bag:OPP bags
  • MOQ:50 pieces

Custom Weighted Blanket Cover
Size 36*48inch / 41*60inch / 48*72inch / 60*80inch /80*87inch.
Color  Grey / Blue / White / Custom.





Custom Weighted Blanket


Custom Weighted Blanket Cover

  • 100% cotton fabric: Good air permeability, available in all seasons, and moderate price.
  • Minky quilted fabric: Soft, thick, good warmth, suitable for autumn and winter.
  • Bamboo fabric: Cool feeling fabric, good air permeability, suitable for summer, high-end fabric. Suitable for high-end product market.
  • Organic cotton fabric: Good air permeability, natural and organic. healthier.
  • Bamboo + Minky dot fabric: Suitable for different seasons. Bamboo is suitable for summer use. Minky dot is suitable for use in autumn and winter. 1 cover is suitable for different seasons.
  • Minky+Minky dot fabric:  Soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic. The price is cheaper than 100% cotton fabric. Suitable for use in autumn and winter. The best price/performance ratio.
  • 100% cotton printed fabric: Good air permeability, environmentally friendly printing, healthy and non-fading. Many printing designs can be chosen. Suitable for kids.


Custom Weighted Blanket Cover
YIXI TEXTILE has more than 10 years of home textile manufacturing experience. The sewing thread of the weighted blanket cover is neat and of good quality. It is the highest production technology in the industry.

Zipper For Weighted Blanket Cover

The weighted blanket cover uses high-quality brand zipper. Good quality and durable.The zipper on the cover is reinforced when sewing. The quality is more reliable. Not bad for long-term use.

Custom Brand

Custom Weighted Blanket Cover LOGO

Custom Packaging

Custom Weighted Blanket Cover Packaging Bag





1. What is MOQ?
RE: Our MOQ: 50 pieces.

2. Can I customize my own LOGO?
RE: We can provide you with professional customized LOGO solutions.

3. Can I choose the color?
RE: We have a lot of colors to choose from, please contact us to get the color card.

4. What is the delivery time?
RE: The lead time for our regular products is 10-15 days. If it is a customized product, please contact us.

5. Can samples be provided?
RE: We can provide samples according to your requirements.

6. What transportation methods are available?
RE: We can provide express, air, rail, and sea transportation. Can be delivered to the door (DDP).

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