What are the effects of weighted blankets?

Through research, the effects of weighted blankets are:
1.Eases Insomnia.
2. Helps with Sensory Processing Disorder.
3. Reduces Anxiety.
4. Fights Back Against Stress.
5. Improves Focus for ADHD.
6. Eases Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome.
7. Helps Fibromyalgia Pain.
8. Improves Sleep Quality.
9. Boosts Mood.
10. Promotes Calm.
11. Encourages Focus in the Classroom.
12. Eases Pain without Drugs.
13. Eases Travel Anxiety.
14. Helps the Elderly.
15. Addresses Symptoms of PTSD.
16. Decreases Anxiety in Pets.
17. Soothes Symptoms of Panic Disorder.
18. Helps Manage OCD.
19. Manages Autism Symptoms.
20. Recreates a Hug.

Does the weighted blanket have Side Effects?

Follow-up investigation, we found. As long as the weight of the weighted blanket is selected correctly. The user did not show any Side Effects. Many people who appeared in Side Effects chose the weight of the weighted blanket by mistake or did not have any symptoms and mistakenly used the weighted blanket as a normal blanket.

Therefore, the normal use of weighted blankets will not cause any Side Effects on the body. Weighted blankets will only bring more benefits.

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