Recently, a customer contacted me asking if using a weighted blanket would cause back pain? My answer is that using a weighted blanket will not cause back pain.


1. Correctly choose a weighted blanket that suits your weight.

The weight of the weighted blanket is selected based on 10%-12% of the user's weight. Try to choose a lighter weight when you first use it. This allows the body to adapt to the weight of the weighted blanket. Follow up your own situation to increase or decrease the weight.

We know that the weighted blanket is a functional product. It can relieve stress, effectively improve sleep quality, relieve depression, anxiety and other functions. But if you do not have these symptoms, we do not recommend that you use a weighted blanket. This will make you very uncomfortable with the weight of the weighted blanket. Be sure to follow up your actual situation and choose whether to use a weighted blanket.

2. Find the real cause of back pain.

According to statistical analysis. The cause of most people’s backaches is that they work at their desks for a long time. Wrong sitting posture. Wrong sleeping posture, etc.

If you find that you have back pain. Be sure to seek medical treatment in time to find out the real cause of back pain. Find the most suitable method of treatment. When you experience backaches, etc., we recommend that you stop using weighted blankets. After waiting for the back pain to be cured, decide whether to continue using the weighted blanket according to the cause of your back pain.

After our research. Weighted blankets are certainly not one of the causes of back pain. So you can use it with confidence.

If you have any questions about the convenience of weighted blankets. You can contact us.

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